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Technology is a Game Changer

Artificial Intelligence in Robotics

AI robots perform the essential tasks with a human-like vision to identify various objects. We developed robots with machine learning training as enormous numbers of data is used to replicate the robot’s vision, so that they can act like human and identify different objects to carry out the actions consequently.
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Sensors in Robotics

The sensor assists the robots to sense the environments or distinguish the visuals of the situation.
Combinations of various sensing technologies are used in the robotics.
Optical Sensors
An optical sensor transforms light rays into electronic signals to calculate the physical quantity of light and translate it into a form of processor readable.
Ultrasonic Sensors
Ultrasonic sensors operate by sending out a sound wave with a frequency above the range of human hearing, and the transducer of the sensor perform as a microphone to receive and send the ultrasonic sound.
Millimeter-wave Sensors
Millimeter-wave sensor is an exceptional class of radar technology that uses short wavelength electromagnetic waves and transmit signals to the objects in their path to replicate. By capturing the replicated signal, a radar system can define the range, velocity and angle of the objects.
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Temperature Sensors
A temperature sensor is designed to measure the degree of hotness or coolness in an object.
Vibration Sensors
Vibration sensors used to measure vibration such as displacement, velocity, and acceleration.
Motion and Gesture Sensors
Gesture recognition is a different user interface for generating real-time data to a computer. Other than typing with keys or tapping on a touch screen, a motion sensor distinguishes and understands movements as the primary source of data input. This happens between the time a gesture is applied and the computer reacts.
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Humanoid Robots

Introducing Humanoid Robots

Humanoid robots are robots that look similar or simulator human behavior. These robots generally perform human-like activities for e.g. running, jumping and carrying objects and sometimes designed as human faces and expressions.


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