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Let’s take some theoretical examples of marketing strategies.
Targeted SEO
Targeted SEO is a virtuous Internet marketing strategy, where search engines are preferred by their targeted audience.
Email Marketing
Email marketing is a low cost marketing channel which is easy to get started, reaches global audience and unrivalled return on investment.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing create brand recognition, improves brand loyalty, increases sales, helps you get marketplace insights and collect data from audience research to improve.
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Market Analysis
Market analysis express a business whether it is beneficial to enter in a new market or not with a new product by providing details.
Video Marketing
Video marketing grows revenue, influence buying decisions, rank higher in search, increase traffic, get more backlinks, reach decision makers and rack up shares.
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy for low cost of start-up, low ongoing costs, low risk, targeted traffic, flexibility and high return on investment.
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Automatic interest detection.
Daily email reports
Insights, statistics and analytical reports.

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A business without a lead generation strategy is a sitting duck. Its revenue and growth will depend on the impulses of a target audience that may or may not know it even exists.
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