Machine Learning is an Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Applications of Machine Learning in the real-world

Machine learning is a slogan for today's technology, and it is developing very quickly day by day.
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Machine Learning (ML)

Benefits of Machine Learning

Machine learning can support in resolving complex and data-rich problems.
It can assist as a resolution to a range of business complications and problems while forecasting customer behaviors.
Image Recognition
Image recognition is an applications of machine learning and it usually identify objects, peoples, places, images, friend tagging suggestions etc.
Virtual Personal Assistant
Virtual personal assistants help us in searching the information using our voice instruction such as Google assistant, Alexa, Cortana, Siri.
Product Recommendations
Machine learning is broadly used by several e-commerce and entertaining companies such as Amazon, Netflix, etc., for product recommendation to the customer.
Traffic Prediction
It forecasts the traffic environments such as whether traffic is blank, slow-moving, or heavily blocked with the support of real time location of the vehicle and average time taken in the past.

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